The APRS RF Gateway DB0BUL

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Status: Ready to go!!! We have now received the official license documents.

1 APRS Node

DB0BUL is going to act as a real APRS DIGI in the near future. Here is a collection of links on links and documents relevant to the technology:

2 APRS Projects

3 Types of Digis

There are various digi technologies around: You can have relaying (fill in) digis which retransmit packets and HF gateways. It is not necessary to have a computer running if you just need to operate a fill in digi. Therefore, UIDIGI is the perfect, minimalist choice. On the other hand, there is the possibility to set up RF gateways which only catch frames. Instead of retransmitting them, they forward them through the internet to or another server of the aprs internet system segment.


Fill In digi technology:

3.2 aprs4r

Can act as a fillin as well as a gateway system.

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