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You can set various AX-paths in various APRS hardware. RELAY means that a packet will be relayed no matter what. This has the effect that such packets will be sent to whatever digi is around, so that cannot be the solution, especially in crowded areas with high APRS activity.

So there is an alternative recommendation. Here it is in German:

- Mobilstationen: RELAY,WIDE2-2 (Bake maximal alle 1min)
- Fixstationen: WIDE2-2 (Bake maximal alle 30min)
- Digis: WIDE2-2 (Bake maximal alle 30min)
- Objekte die von Digis ausgesendet werden: ohne jeglichen Pfad
- Objekte von Usern : WIDE1-1
- Objekte: Aussendung nur alle 30min (besser 60min).
- Igates: nur feed HF->inet / wenn feed inet->hf ohne jeglichen pfad

Sine we are operating an IGate only, we are not using any path for our system. For youe settings, you may consider this rule of thumb:

1-1 is local
2-2 is far
5-5 is bullshit