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The T7F has been built by DF2FQ and is one in a series of fast 70cm data transmitters which have hit the market end of the 1990s. I decided to purchase it on Ebay when I understood that using my TS-790A as a packet radio station is like shooting birds with cannonballs.

Actually, I have a number of them:

  • I bought my first T7F somewhen end of 2007. It was really broken. A friend put it into the garbage bin. So it was not only broken but also lost.
  • Almost a year later, end of 2008, I bought another T7F, this time with the LCD display in front. Since it came only with the display PCB and in all other terms "naked", I decided to build a nice case for it. There are some pictures below that illustrate the building phases.
  • The third T7F also came naked. I also decided to build a case, this time using Erich Linsmeier's interface. OM Erich Linsmeier DL2RCG
  • And my fourth T7F also came naked. I am still unsure what I'm going to do with it. Probably it will be a mobile TRX for the low speed data link.
  • And yes, I got a fifth one. Naked. Previous owner DL6QS. Will be the last one I am buying.

To the developer's web site (Holger Eckhardt, DF2FQ):

Here's the scenario in which the T7Fs will be used:

And here's some more information about a T7F construction project:

1 The T7F with the original GUI from Holger DF2FQ

Here are some pictures with the T7F in a new case. The actual transceiver resides in the silver box. On the photographs you see the T7F user interface in the foreground.

T7F offen.jpg T7F offen rueck.jpg

T7F oben.jpg T7F vorne.jpg

And here's the entire scenery, connected to a TNC2H and a ASUS WL-500GP

T7F WL500GP TNC2H.jpg

2 The T7F with Erich's GUI

Erich's GUI came as a kit. It is an ATMEL based controller which is visible on the below images.

T7F2 steuerung.jpg T7F2 steuerung u display.jpg

T7F2 komplettgeraet.jpg T7F2 komplettgeraet running.jpg