Setting up a remote, electrically independent, low power EchoLink relay

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This is actually a quite big project. It involves several sub-projects and precursors.

Important News:

  • My focus has shifted away from the Linksys, turning towards the ASUS WL-500GP model. Reason: It has two USB ports instead of one.
  • Yet another change: I am no longer going to use the ASUS router for Echolink control, because there are these new INTEL ATOM CPUs out there now. I am going to give them a try. And the TRX will not be a Bosch KF-166, but a Kenwood TR-7625. It's cheap, it's robust, it's well to repair and it's efficient. And it has a lot of power reserves (25 watts).
  • 2009-09-09 After an intermediate success based on the Intel ATOM, I turned to the BeagleBoard. And it works!!! A SVXLink Server based on the BeagleBoard