A MAX232 level shifter

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I have built a level shifter...:

Some more information on similar projects:

ATTENTION: The building of the little device is finished. Important: The pumping of the level shifter consumes a lot of energy, so it is definitely necessary to provide 3.3 V. There are MAX232 chips which work with 5V. They are not suited for this kind of project even if they are cheaper (1 Euro). The 3.3V version chip (MAX3232) costs about 5 Euro. Make sure you buy the 3.3V variant!! Thanks to Thomas Schäfer who gave this hint!

Credits: Michael Wöste, DL1DMW (find him at qrz.com), who has provided the PCB for a very reasonable and fair price.

The level shifter was meant to allow me to flash my WRTSL54GS. See how the level shifter is connected to the WRTSL54GS

BTW, here's an interesting alternative:

And I found that people sell these devices readily built at Ebay:

The level shifter has become part of my Fonera Link server