Redesign of DB0MHB in 2019

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Compared to the sister project Redesign of DB0BUL in 2019, this project was just a smaller upgrade: The Raspberry 1 that was running as a main component of our repeater site, was a little too small for all these jobs. With only one single little core, it was too frequently overloaded with all its jobs. So we decided to upgrade it to a Odroid XU4. A bigLITTLE architecture with 8 cores alltogether.

The board also holds a BME280 environmental sensor.

2 Images

There is not much to say, so please look yourself:

2019-07-13-db0mhb-odroid-1.jpg 2019-07-13-db0mhb-odroid-2.jpg

2019-07-13-db0mhb-odroid-3.jpg 2019-07-13-db0mhb-odroid-4.jpg