Red Pitaya TDoA Project

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1 Project Scope

80m unqualified contributions (farts other man-made intended noise) is one of the major plagues of amateur radio. Something we all would like to get rid of. Finding the position of somebody who transmits such rubbish would be extremely helpful.

Stefan Scholl DC9ST has made a major contribution to Amateur Radio TDoA technology on the basis three of Raspberry Pi computers and a RTLSDR stick on each of them. I am trying to set up the same architecture for shortwave groundwave signals.

This project is a follow up of this other project: Red Pitaya Remote Receiver Station

1.1 Location DB0MHB

  • Receiver location
  • IP: Gateway

1.2 Location DM0ULM

  • Receiver location
  • Gateway:

1.3 Location Three

  • Receiver location
  • still undefined

1.4 Location DB0HSR

  • Central position computing location

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