Kenwood TS-450SAT

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The desire to do some more digital experiments led me to the decision to purchase a used Kenwood TS-450SAT. The TRX has some core features which I intend to use intensively:

1 Features

  • Compared to my Kenwood TS-930SAT it has an IF of 455 KHz, which facilitates DRM reception considerably.
  • It is also possible to grab an IF through the rear panel DSP socket.
  • All functions can be remote controlled. Since I seldomly have the time to travel 150 km to my shack, I have long thought about setting up my station in Burglengenfeld but controlling it over the internet. This ideal situation has now come a lot closer.
  • It is a 12V device. I now have the opportunity to operate mobile.
  • Not a feature of the TS-450, but I also own the Kenwood PS-33 which makes it into a line.

2 Reviews

Here's the eHAM review site on this device:

3 Modifications

4 Experiments