Kenwood TS-930SAT

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1 Description

The core system of my station is a "Classical Masterpiece", the Kenwood TS-930SAT. It always gets the best remarks, it's like a piece of gold. It is robust, but it is also sophisticated. I bought it used from Prof. Dr. Michael Mächtel, in excellent condition. Compared to the electronics of modern cars, where you cannot repair anything anymore, the TS-930SAT has components where you can use your soldering iron if you need to repair anything. It has no menus, has no software, but it has a digital controller unit.


2 Core Values

  • Frequency range: TX (extended) + RX: 0.15-30 MHz
  • Mode: AM/FM/SSB/CW
  • RF Power output: Max 125 W
  • Sensitivity: N/A
  • Selectivity: N/A
  • Image rejection: N/A
  • Voltage: Mains, 230V
  • Current drain: RX: ? A
  • TX: ? A
  • Impedance: 50 ohms, SO-239
  • Dimensions (W*H*D):  ? mm
  • Weight:  ? Kg
  • Manufactured: 1982-19xx
  • Other: Automatic Antenna Tuner

3 Further Information

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