WebATV - Creating a Live ATV Stream in a browser

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1 Project Scope

Referring to the successfully implemented project Serial ATV Relais Control, I have the following idea:

Since I cannot participate in our ATV group locally because I am too far away, I want to have the possibility to grab the webcam of my laptop and stream it to our ATV relay.

I will call the mode WebATV.

2 Background

Here is a collection of relevant tech info:

3 Implementation

First of all, I understood that my RaspberryPi 1 is simply too slow to run multiple commands and activities at once. It only has one single core and is good onough for amaller tasks, but this seemed to much for my little Pi.

As a consequence I purchased a Banana Pi M2U, giving me four cores and some more nice capabilities.

The video output is HDMI, so I also added a little HDMI2PAL converter.

I applied my classical wiring scheme and mounted it to a Eurocard PCB to go into our rack mount.

4 Software

4.1 Operating System Modifications

4.2 Server Application Technology

4.3 Browser Application Technology


5 Pictures

Here are the pictures with the Banana Pi M2U and the HDMI2PAL converter mounted on top:

2018-02-25-Playout-Server1.jpg 2018-02-25-Playout-Server2.jpg 2018-02-25-Playout-Server3.jpg