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1 General Information

UPDATE: I have handed over responsibility for this relay to my friend Jann DG8NGN.

DB0ZM is my node in Munich. It is rather a productive node and not so much an experimental station, which means that I target a maximum availability and a minimum of planned downtime. In this sense, DB0ZM is different from DB0BUL which is more an experimental station. Nevertheless, there are also a few experiments at DB0ZM, especially because there is quite a number of users in the Munich metropolitan area.

  • 2010-05-01 DB0ZM has originally been built by Andreas DL5MGD. The transceivers are Motorola MC Micro types and the relay controller is DJ0VL type.
  • 2012-07-31 The relay has been rebuilt by Jann DG8NGN and Felix DG1YFE. It is now controlled by the Allstarlink Asterisk subsystem.
  • 2012-09-14 Jann DG8NGN has connected DB0ZM with three other relays: Nürnberg, Augsburg, Ingolstadt. They are all Allstarlink relays, which means that once you open one of them, the output will be transmitted by all the others. It is an interlink across the major Bavarian cities. Opening the relay goes by carrier detect. The relay also transmits a CTCSS 88,5 Hz tone.

Status: Online

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3 Projects

3.1 RZSSB Analog Transmission

This project intends to transmit a signal with a analog signal processing unit from OM Thomas DL6RCG (his diploma thesis under guidance of OM Hellmuth DL2CH).

3.2 RZSSB Digital Transmission

This project intends to do the same as the above project, but instead generate the signal with a SDR transmitter.