Switching power over IP

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1 Project goal

This project has the goal of creating a device that can switch power over an IP connection.

2 Project history

  • Initially I wanted to use my ASUS WL-500GP router to do the job. This project is still in focus, but has moved somewhat into the background.
  • Since I successfully concluded the WIFI Link project recently, I thought about re-using the fonera platform. The new project setup will be a device that is not connected to a control computer via USB, but which is reachable through ethernet or via WIFI. I want to embed a fonera router into the relay box and make it control the relays.

3 Commercial products

There are commercial modules that can take switching commands purely on the basis of an IP connection. Though, I have not yet purchased any of them because they don't fit my ideas. The main reason is that they are either too expensive or consume too much power.

4 Project ideas

Note that IP switches could be combined with a fonera router to switch remote devices over WIFI

5 Related ideas

So it is basically possible to control the relays over GPIO / I2C or via the serial port that resides on the Fonera.