Refoam of Infinity Kappa 6.2 bass speakers

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1 Scope

This not a radio related project but a tinkering thing though.

The sickens of my Kappa Infinity 6.2 speakers were falling apart. Time to replace the foam.

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This is how it looked like.


Unscrew the speaker from the case


Mark plus (red) and minus (black) so that the can be reconnected correctly later.

2017-12-27-sickenrepair2.jpg 2017-12-27-sickenrepair3.jpg

Cut the wires. Other recommendations say that it's better to unsolder them. I prefer ro simply cut them off because the mounts are not that solid. It's easier to solder the wires back later.

Remove the outer ring from the speaker body


Carefully tear off the old sicken. Mine was just falling into parts when I touched it.


Take a surgeon's knife (you get that from most pharmacies) and remove the rests of the old foam from the rim. Be careful to scratch away really everything because the new sicken will not stick to the membrane unless there are leftovers. But be sure not to damage the membrane.


Then do the same with the outer ring. Remove everything. Really everything.


Finally put glue on the outer and inner ring where the foam was. Do the same with the new sicken. Put glue on the inner and outer ring. Mind the side of the new sicken, it must be the lower side.

Work fast, don't hasten, but be fast. Don't smoke in between, don't talk to your wife, don't get distracted. Glue dries really fast.

Then carefully place the sicken on the outer ring. Make sure to have it centered without touching the membrane very much. If the membrane is undamaged, it will remain centered. Make sure that the inner ring will stick without shifting the membrane off-center. This is really important.

There are examples where people cut the dust cover open and insert pieces of paper in order to keep the membrane coil centered. I didn't go that far.


Carefully squeeze the new sicken onto the metal frame of the speaker so that the glue gets most grip.

When done, mount the speaker back into the case. Solder the wires correctly and wait for a day. Don't connect the amplifier right away because the glue might go off if not dry.

You want a great sound experience for the next 20 years, so you have enough time to wait for another day. :-)