Porting SVXLink to OpenWRT

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SVXLink is a Echolink relay server and client package for Linux which comes with a QT interface. It is perfectly suited to drive a transceiver to the radio side and to connect to the Echolink network on the network side. There are also some relay stations operational which make use of this software, however always on INTEL compatible linux platforms. The challenge of this project is to get it running on a low power architecture such as the ASUS WL-500GP, using a KF-166 as transceiver. The targeted operating frequency is 144.510 MHz as this is the default working frequency of my friends at DB0RC.

This project bears the risk to be the reason to close down another project: Compiling a TheLinkBox package for OpenWRT

Sourceforge project site:

Stations with SVXLink running:

1 Preconditions

As written here (http://svxlink.sourceforge.net/install.php), there are some preconditions / dependencies that have to be met: The following libraries must be available on the system.

  • libsigc++ (only version 1.2 will work)
  • libgsm
  • libtcl
  • libpopt
  • libspandsp

2 OpenWRT Build Process Configuration

As said, this project is obsolete since power saving architectures with regular linux installations are available:

A SVXLink Server based on the BeagleBoard