My new Hy-Gain AV-680 Shortwave Vertical

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1 Scope

After using a GAP TITAN for over 10 years, I found that it was more and more out of resonnance, due to oxidation and moss growth. So I had to buy another shortwave vertical.

The small 1" pole was too lightweight, so we had to remove the fundaments and install a new massive tube as a mounting base for a new mast.

My friend Bernd DJ6PA advised that I should try another vertical which he had good experiences of, this time a HY GAIN AV-6x0, and since I have little space, I decided to buy the type with most shortwave bands.

WIMO sent it to me in no time, as usual:

And WIMO also has the original documentation for download.

Thanks for support to:

  • my parents
  • Bernd DJ6PA
  • Wolfgang DH3KW
  • Urai and Lea

2 Documents

3 Mounting

Generally please let me note that the US inch based screws are difficult to replace in Europe. Nevertheless, M4 screws always fit also. So you should have a small package of M4 screws and self-securing washers around.

Now for the antenna and the mounting itself:

The basic mast is a 2m tube with 80mm inner diameter, which sticks about 80cm deep in concrete. The 1" tube I had in the first place was too thin for the basic mount anyway and for sure also too light.

I am sticking a 3m tube with 60mm diameter into the basic tube, which allows me to move it up a bit. The lower end of the vertical is now at about 3,50m above ground.

2019-05-05-av-680-1.jpg 2019-05-05-av-680-2.jpg

Note the spokes in the upper section of the antenna. There are two extra spokes in the package, you have to trim them in order to adjust the resonnance. Tuning is done by modifying the capacity.

2019-05-25-av-680-1.jpg 2019-05-25-av-680-2.jpg


Here is how it looks like. This picture is not yet the final picture since the guy lines are still not attached.


4 Tuning

The picture for 6m is missing. But here are my measurements for all the other bands.

  • This is the result after taking down the antenna SEVEN times. The bands 6m, 10m, 12m, 17m can be tuned through stubs that can be moved in and out of the side mounted tubes.
  • 15m can be tuned by moving the coil on the main mast in and out. In my case tuning was not necessary.
  • 20m, 30m, 40m can be tuned by trimming the spokes in the upper section. In case of 20m my resonnance was 1,4 MHz below the band, so I needed to remove one entire spoke and trim another by a couple of centimeters.
  • 80m can be tuned by mounting the feed wire to another winding of the top coil. The coil has 20 windings and covers the range of about 3300 - 4000 kHz.

2019-05-25-av-680-10m.jpg 2019-05-25-av-680-12m.jpg

2019-05-25-av-680-15m.jpg 2019-05-25-av-680-17m.jpg

2019-05-25-av-680-20m.jpg 2019-05-25-av-680-30m.jpg

2019-05-25-av-680-40m.jpg 2019-05-25-av-680-80m.jpg