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The K-NET is a litle 70 cmtransceiver running 2 watts. Its TX/RX switching speed is fast enough to allow 9k6 Bit/s. The SWISS-ARTG Bulletin 1995/05 describes how to connect it to the TNC2H. Currently it is equipped with XTALs for RX 438,325 MHz and TX 430,725 MHz, which are the frequencies of DB0RGB. I still have not made the connect, but I will try soon.

Up to now I have enhanced it a little with a 78S09 voltage limitator to make sure it will be protected from too high voltages. The 78S09 is mounted directly to the case of the device.

Since the power provisioning is done through the serial SUB-D9 socket, I decided to provide voltage directly through the TNC2H, which works on 13.8 V.

In any case the constellation as you can see on the picture is good to connect directly to DB0RGB, if you are located high enough... which will eventually be the case when the hardware you see there will perhaps be set up one day at DB0MHB...