Flashing OpenWRT to the ASUS WL500gP

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1 Project description

My ASUS WL-500GP WLAN router is a wonderful little device. Only, I want to station it as part of DB0MHB. There it is meant to act as a relay for Packet Radio and Echolink and whatever else. For these purposes, the legacy software on it is not very useful. Instead, I want to use the device as a low power fully fledged and networked computer on an outpost in nature.

I have thus learned to

  • customize the OpenWRT sources (buildroot)
  • develop / compile my own OpenWRT image
  • flash the image
  • customize the OpenWRT installation
  • make it speak to special hardware such as this

2 Status

I was successful in archieving my goals. The router is ready for deployment, which is due mid July 2008.