First Steps on Arduino

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1 General Notes

I have started to occupy myself with the Arduino platform as part of the project "A Microcontroller Operated SWR Meter". Since I noticed that my occupation vastly exceeded the focus of this project, I decided to spend the Arduino experiments a special page and dedicate subpages to the individual Arduino sketches. I hope, this structure makes the sketches and subprojects more logical and more mnemonic.

Here are also some links on good C and C++ pages that will help you to understand some more complex sketches:

2 Progress Notes

My first steps on the Arduino platform are successful! Since I have been working on a Ubuntu Hardy platform, I noticed that I would not be able to compile my programs properly because there are some bugs here and there. Anyway, so I decided to upgrade to the most modern Ubuntu Jaunty distribution and now it works fine: I can start the Arduino development environment without problems. Trying out the first little program, the famous "Blink" program which blinks a LED, compiled perfectly. So I started over and plugged the LED into digital output pin 13 and GND and uploaded the code and there it went. The Arduino went blinking!!!

But there's more. Look by yourself! Enjoy!!

2.1 Controlling digital Output with the Arduino

2.2 Controlling Serial Output on the Arduino

2.3 Evaluate an analog value through the ADC on an Arduino

2.4 Evaluate an analog value through the ADC on the Arduino Nano

2.5 Controlling the Arduino over the serial connection

2.6 Controlling an LCD display with the Arduino

2.7 Writing stuff to the LCD display with an Arduino

2.8 Reading a value from the I2C port with an Arduino

2.9 Talking to the network with an Arduino

2.10 Controlling a PWM over I2C

2.11 A I2C controlled, LCD enabled Thermometer

2.12 Reading Input from an I2C ADC

2.13 Arduino and GSM

2.14 Seeeduino Mega and Ethernet

2.15 Switching power with the Arduino over a I2C connected PCF8574

2.16 Interacting with Arduino per SNMP

2.17 Grabbing Frames with Arduino

2.18 Using Arduino in a WIFI WLAN