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The Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich is a Secondary School with a strong scientific program. Part of this program is the "W-Seminar" headed by the physics teacher Joachim Hoffmüller. A central highlight of this seminar is a direct radio contact between the school's amateur radio station and the International Space Station ISS.

The W-Seminar interacts with many other subjects, such as biology, geography, maths, English, Italian, art and others as almost all of these subjects refer to human spaceflight in some way.

The event took place on Thursday March 17, 2011 at 14:04 UTC.

1 Footage from our own event

2 Other people recording the contact

3 Contributors

Contributors to this project are

  • Joachim Hoffmüller, the teacher and main organizer.
  • Michael, DK1KC, teacher and operator of the station. He teaches the students to tun the station by themselves.
  • Heinz, DL2QT, engineer. He helps to keep the station running.
  • Andreas, DG4MIC, camera man. He keeps track of what the team is doing.
  • Alfred, DL8FA, media and press specialist. He keeps the media informed.
  • Dietmar, DB3CD, keeps track of the staff's addresses.
  • Herwig, DH1MMT, amateur television journalist.
  • Horst, DL2GA, The DARC district's website maintainer.
  • Markus, DL8RDS, support.
  • Tobias, DL8DT, support.
  • Karl, DL6MAH, support.
  • Daniel, student.
  • Fabian, student.
  • Phil, student.
  • and many more.

4 Companies

The project enjoys support by mainly these organisations and companies:

  • DLR
  • EADS

5 Youtube, Preparations and other stuff

Here are some relevant Youtube movies on the project:

Global Hands-On Universe Conference Presentation of our project:

The students' powerpoint file:

Movies on other ARISS-projects:

6 News Reports

  • Radio Charivari reported on the project.
  • BR Abendschau announced to produce a few minutes in the evening news
  • BR Hörfunk wants to report
  • Sueddeutsche Zeitung will report
  • Abendzeitung will report
  • Münchner Merkur will report
  • We asked M94.5 if they would like to report