10 MBit Amateur Radio Data Link

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1 AUI technology

The idea is to use AUI Ethernet adapters on very high amateur radio frequencies (10 GHz): AUI adapters provide 10 MBit/s transmission speed and could thus be used to implement high volume radio data networks. Especially interesting would be to connect both ATV relays DB0MHB and the relay in Parsberg digitally. Here's some information relevant in the context of this idea:

Taken from http://www.thegleam.com/ke5fx/uwave.html

Enter the AUI port, or Attachment Unit Interface. Created especially as a general-purpose interface for Ethernet transceivers of every stripe, the AUI standard uses a DB-15 connector and comprises three signalling pairs: receive, transmit, and collision. The AUI port is ideal for our purposes, as it not only permits a locally-generated echo at its receive pair, but actually expects it. AUI signal levels and impedances are not greatly different from 10BaseT. AUI signals are somewhat lower in amplitude, and the Ethernet specification calls for shielded twisted-pair (STP) cabling to be used for connections to the AUI port, but I've had no problems connecting the transceivers to AUI ports with 15 to 20 feet (5 to 7 meters) of conventional Category 5 UTP cabling. The AUI ports's third (collision) pair is simply left unconnected.

1  control in circuit shield       shield (also to connector shell)
2  control in circuit A            collision +ve
3  data out circuit A              transmit data +ve
4  data in circuit shield          ground
5  data in circuit A               receive data +ve
6  voltage common                  power -ve
7  unknown                         n/c (sometimes ground)
8  control out circuit shield      ground
9  control in circuit B            collision -ve
10 data out circuit B              transmit data -ve
11 data out circuit shield         ground
12 data in circuit B               receive data -ve
13 voltage plus                    +12v
14 voltage shield                  n/c (sometimes ground)
15 unknown                         ground

2 Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV

This guy is really cool: