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1 Scope

The new Es'HailSat from Quatar has received wide attention. Let's start to play with it. The first step is to receive it's signal.

By coincidence I purchased an LNB with a LO frequency of 9 GHz some years ago, while never using it. Now the occasion has come to really use it. Yet, some more components are missing:

  • A DC injector
  • A receiver component
  • A satellite dish

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3 Hardware

3.1 LNB

There are vendors on Ebay who sell modified LNBs for a small price:

I have one from Dieter DL2KBH:


I am using another one also:
Product Name: Octagon Single LNB Slim OPTIMA
Input Frequencies: 10.70 - 12.75 GHz
LO: 9.75 / 10.6 GHz
Noise figure: 0.1 dB
Amplification: 60-65 dB
High polarization separation
High frequency stability
Feed diameter 40mm

3.2 Injector

This component needs to be home built.


And here it is:

2019-01-05-dc-injector-1.jpg 2019-01-05-dc-injector-2.jpg

2019-01-05-dc-injector-3.jpg 2019-01-05-dc-injector-4.jpg

A measurement with my Spectrum Analyzer (with tracking generator) showed that the insertion loss is around 5dB. That's quite a lot, but my expectation is that the LNB will give me a considerable boost so that this loss is not relevant. We will see.

I changed the 1N4001 diode into a 1N4007 type.

And I left the fuse out. Fusing shall be done differently, as just for this test.

3.3 Receiver

I envisage to use two different receivers:

  • USRP2
  • NooElec RTLSDR Stick

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