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Wer alle seine Ziele erreicht, hat sie wahrscheinlich zu niedrig gewählt.

If you meet all your goals, you have probably chosen too easy ones.
(Herbert von Karajan)

1 Speaking and Writing

2 Directory of Finished Projects

3 Directory of Ongoing Projects

4 Planned Projects and Ideas

4.1 Data Science with APRS

Status: Planned

4.2 Transmission of DRM signals on Amateur Radio Frequencies

Status: planned

I intend to demonstrate that it is possible for a HAM operator to produce a usable DRM signal. See here: Digital Radio Mondiale

4.3 Receiving DRM signals with the TS-930S

Status: planned

The TS-930S has a 100 KHz ZF which is meant to feed a band scope. This means it must be broad enough to provide a good capture for the 9 KHz broad DRM signal. I intend to construct a down converter to 12 KHz,in order to feed the NF signal into a soundcard and to decode it there.

4.4 Android - Hacking my Cellphone

Status: planned - or: Android. An open source mobile phone operating system

4.5 AIS Software Defined Receiver

Status: planned

4.6 Arduino and Amateur Radio

Status: Experiments