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Wer alle seine Ziele erreicht, hat sie wahrscheinlich zu niedrig gewählt.

If you meet all your goals, you have probably chosen too easy ones.
(Herbert von Karajan)


1 Speaking and Writing

2 Finished Projects

2.1 Building a Linux Ubuntu package of TheLinkBox

Status: ready

2.2 Building a Linux Ubuntu package of EchoLinux

Status: ready

2.3 Setting up my TS-790A for Packet Radio

Status: ready

2.4 Buiding a Linux Ubuntu package of libjournaline

Status: ready

2.5 A MAX232 level shifter

Status: ready

2.6 Tests and operational report of a GAP Titan

Status: ready

2.7 Flashing OpenWRT to the WRTSL54GS

Status: ready

2.8 Building a Linux Ubuntu package of DREAM

Status: ready

2.9 Flashing OpenWRT to the ASUS WL500gP

Status: ready

2.10 Driving an external USB soundcard from OpenWRT

Status: ready

2.11 Controlling the Kenwood TS-450SAT through a Transceiver Interface

Status: ready

2.12 Turn a Fonera router into a link station

Status: ready

2.13 How to install DD-WRT on a Fonera box

Status: ready

2.14 WLAN and Amateur Radio

Status: ready (only compiling an overview)

2.15 Battery Change in a Kenwood TM-701E

Status: successful

2.16 Setting up a remote, electrically independent, low power EchoLink relay

Status: new superproject: A Low-Power Combined Echolink and ATV Server

2.16.1 Building a Linux Ubuntu package of TheLinkBox

Status: ready

2.16.2 Compiling a TheLinkBox package for OpenWRT

Status: obsoleted by the new superproject

2.16.3 SMS Gateway with an Arduino, the Ethernet shield and the GSM Playground shield

Status: Ongoing

2.17 A SVXLink Server based on the BeagleBoard

Status: successfully finished. Works.

2.18 A Low-Power Combined Echolink and ATV Server

Result: successful!

2.19 Compiling a Hamlib package for OpenWRT

Status: obsoleted. Decision to use standard Linux instead.

2.20 Porting SVXLink to OpenWRT

Status: abandoned. Decision to use standard Linux instead. This project is obsolete since power saving architectures with regular linux installations are available: A SVXLink Server based on the BeagleBoard

2.21 Experiments with Trimble's Lassen IQ

Status: Delayed

2.22 P2P wireless bridge using Mikrotik’s RouterOS

Status: successfully implemented

2.23 10 MBit Amateur Radio Data Link

Status: Obsoleted by Hamnet

2.24 Datalogging with Arduino over HAMNET

Status: Successful. Works.

2.25 ARISS Project, Luitpold Gymnasium München

Status: Finished successfully!

2.26 Try out APRS with my VX-8E

Status: Successful, works

2.27 Seagate Freeagent Dockstar

Status: Successful, works

2.28 ArgentData Radio Shield

Status: Successful, works

2.29 Logging with the Blumax 4044

Status: Successful, works

2.30 Using the Superchannel licence with DD-WRT on The Fonera

Status: Successful, works

2.31 An Arduino Pro Mini based Interruptor

Status: Successful, works

2.32 WebGeiger: An Arduino based Geiger Counter

Status: Successful, works

2.33 DB0RGB - Packet Radio Gateway

Status: Operative

2.34 DB0KN - HAMNET Node

Status: Operative

2.35 AirGate - Ein APRS-Empfänger-Gateway

Status: Works

2.36 DB0HSR The HAMNET Node of Regensburg

Status: Works

2.36.1 Using the ASUS WL-500gP as a APRS digi

Status: works as part of the DB0RGB project

3 Ongoing Projects

3.1 KLog Analysis and Enhancements

Status: ongoing

3.2 Try out FDMDV using Rigblaster

Status: building connections

3.3 Upgrade an ASUS WL-500gP to control my RIG

Status: ongoing

3.3.1 Switching power over IP

Status: Ongoing

3.4 Setting up an IP link over radio

3.4.1 Setting up a 70cm AX25 based IP link

Status: ongoing

3.4.2 Setting up a WIFI link between DL8RDS and DB0MHB

Status: ready

3.4.3 Constructing a case and a GUI control for the T7F

Status: ready

3.4.4 High Performance WIFI link

Status: Buying components

3.5 A Microcontroller Operated SWR Meter

Status: Getting to know the hardware

3.6 Building an extremely small ARPS Tracker

Status: Ongoing

3.7 ATV-Kolleg

Status: Ongoing

3.8 PPP over GSM slowspeed backdoor to my Echolink node

Status: Ongoing

3.9 SMS Gateway with an Arduino, the Ethernet shield and the GSM Playground shield

Status: Ongoing

3.10 GNURadio and USRP2

Status: Ongoing

3.11 Booting Ubuntu from my BeagleBoard xM

Status: ongoing

3.12 Arduino Syslog Client Library

Status: ongoing

3.13 Web Streaming at DB0MHB

Status: works

4 Planned Projects and Ideas

4.1 Transmission of DRM signals on Amateur Radio Frequencies

Status: planned

I intend to demonstrate that it is possible for a HAM operator to produce a usable DRM signal. See here: Digital Radio Mondiale

4.2 Receiving DRM signals with the TS-930S

Status: planned

The TS-930S has a 100 KHz ZF which is meant to feed a band scope. This means it must be broad enough to provide a good capture for the 9 KHz broad DRM signal. I intend to construct a down converter to 12 KHz,in order to feed the NF signal into a soundcard and to decode it there.

4.3 Android - Hacking my Cellphone

Status: planned - or: Android. An open source mobile phone operating system

4.4 AIS Software Defined Receiver

Status: planned

4.5 Video Streaming DB0MHB

Status: purchasing components

4.6 Arduino and Amateur Radio

Status: Experiments

4.7 Battery Backup Technique

Status: Collecting Information