Dismantling a Mikrotik mAntBox 52 15s

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The Mikrotik mAntBox 52 15s is quite an interesting device. It is compact, powerful, and you can connect it optically.

Due to its interesting shape I thought it interesting to have a look inside.

Here is the vendor description: https://mikrotik.com/product/RB921GS-5HPacD-15S

2 Images

Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

2021-09-23-mAntBox-52-15s-1.jpg 2021-09-23-mAntBox-52-15s-2.jpg

2021-09-23-mAntBox-52-15s-3.jpg 2021-09-23-mAntBox-52-15s-4.jpg

2021-09-23-mAntBox-52-15s-5.jpg 2021-09-23-mAntBox-52-15s-6.jpg