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Here are some highlights of my research:
Here are some highlights of my research:
* [[Icom BP-84 Repair]]
* [[Minimal Arduino]]
* [[Minimal Arduino]]
* [[N7DDC ATU 7x7]]  
* [[N7DDC ATU 7x7]]  

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Welcome on the Web pages of DL8RDS!

Amateur Radio is a legally defined radio service that shares the frequency spectrum with other services such as naval radio and commercial broadcasting stations. But it is much more than that. Actually it is the legal basis for people who are interested in applied physics, electronics and computer science. The law that defines the service, the Amateurfunkgesetz covers aspects that involve radio emissions. But in the end, it's a great research playground for people who want to understand the world as it is today. For details, please follow the navigation on the left.


  • 2021-03-06 Not that much related to this site, but I am organizing the 7th Software Defined Radio Academy and the second HAMRADIOnline this year.
  • 2016-09-10 My third talk on the NTP server project at UKW-Tagung Weinheim: http://ukw-tagung.org/2016/vortraege/
  • 2016-07-15 My second APRS Airgate goes live: http://aprsgate.db0hsr.ampr.org
  • 2016-06-18 My first APRS-Airgate with TNC-X goes live: http://airgate.db0mhb.ampr.org
  • 2016-spring Handing over responsibility for DB0ZM to my friend Jann DG8NGN
  • 2015-12-27 Finalized my Raspberry-TNC-X-APRX project: APRS with the Raspberry Pi and the TNC-X board - We now need an opportunity to mount it.
  • 2015-09-somewhen: I am handing over responsibility for DB0PUC to my friend Robert DK5RTA. Thanks for your readiness to join the team!
  • 2015-06-15 Mounted the GPA-50, started Operation as 4L9MH
  • 2014-10-22 Bringing my Vertical (GPA-50) to Georgia. Hope I can set it up in the next days...
  • 2014-09-30 DB0HSR: Unser HSR hat jetzt eine neue Knotenarchitektur und Regensburg einen leistungsfähigeren Einstieg. Architektur wie beim MHB. Einen RB493AH in der Mitte und dedizierte Link-Transceiver zu unseren Nachbarn.
  • 2014-07-31 DB0PUC: Ich übernehme die Relaisverantwortung für DB0PUC in Puchheim.
  • 2014-06-30 DB0MHB: Unser MHB hat jetzt eine neue Knoten-Architektur. Einen RB493AH in der Mitte und dedizierte Link-Transceiver zu unseren Nachbarn. DB0HSR werde ich nach demselben Modell überarbeiten. Aber eins nach dem anderen.
  • 2014-05-25 DB0ZM: Nach dem Blitzschaden ist wieder alles repariert. ZM läuft wieder.
  • 2013-11-27 DB0RGB: Die Lizenz für die Linkstrecke ist da. Ab sofort geht die HAMNET-Anbindung des Packet-Radio-Knotens am DB0HSR in den Regelbetrieb über. Allerdings muß noch ein bischen am RGB gearbeitet werden, denn der Einstieg scheint momentan nicht wirklich zu funktionieren. Kommt Zeit, kommt Rat.
  • 2013-11-24 CQ WW CW Contest

Here are some highlights of my research:

No Science without scientific books:

If you hold an amateur radio license, feel free to join our project, organized around DB0MHB:

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