An Arduino Pro Mini based Interruptor

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1 Motivation

Over the time I have found out that my DB0MHB Arduino Monitoring Device stops working after several weeks or months of successful operation. The period when it fails varies. Sometimes the device runs perfectly for months, sometimes it fails after just a few weeks of operation. This is a nuissance, but I cannot diagnose it because over such long time periods it is practically impossible to isolate the cause. I have found out that it is still possible to ping the device, but the web server will not produce any output.

The solution is to physically go there and reset the power supply.

Since this solution cannot really be a solution, I decided to automate the powercycling with another very little Arduino, the Arduino Pro Mini. The powercycling should happen once a day.

2 Components List

3 Schematic


4 Board Layout


5 Arduino Code

Interruptor. Interrupts power on a regular basis 

const int switchPin = 2;
const int delayseconds = 86400;

unsigned long waitcount = 0;

void setup() 
  pinMode(switchPin, OUTPUT);

void doSwitch() 
  digitalWrite(switchPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(switchPin, LOW);

void loop()
  waitcount = waitcount + 1;  
  if (waitcount >= delayseconds) 
    waitcount = 0;

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